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TASER Introduces Breakthrough AXON Flex Video System

TASER Introduces Breakthrough AXON Flex Video SystemSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR), a global provider of safety technologies that prevent conflict, protect life and resolve disputes, today introduced the AXON™ Flex™ on-officer camera – a video recording system that seamlessly captures video evidence from the officer’s perspective. 

TASER, the market leader in on-officer cameras, created the new AXON Flex point of view camera, a technological breakthrough in the world of on-officer video devices.  With multiple mounting options, including a seamless integration with Oakley, Inc.’s Flak Jacket® eyewear, AXON Flex systems are TASER’s newest offering in the field of evidence-capturing technology, giving officers flexibility, simplicity and wearability.  In addition, AXON Flex systems feature Looxcie Inc.’s proprietary video over Bluetooth™ streaming technology that allows officers to review events on a smartphone application supported by Apple iOS™ and Google Android™ operating systems.

To complement the camera solution, TASER provides™ service, an industry-leading evidence management system.  The AXON Flex system offers maximum flexibility and can be configured to plug-and-play with service, or for local download at agencies that elect to build and maintain local digital evidence management systems.

AXON Flex on-officer camera system is a self-contained, tactical, audio-video recording and networking device designed for and worn by law enforcement officers.

AXON Flex system’s ability to capture evidence from the officer’s point of view helps protect officers from false claims, enhance public trust, improve civilian behavior, decrease litigation and make communities safer at a lower cost than in-car dashboard cameras or other video solutions.

AXON Flex technology is a customer-centric product, designed to address officer requests for simplicity, flexibility and ease-of-use by incorporating features such as smartphone compatibility.

AXON Flex cameras can be worn on one of Oakley’s top-selling eyewear systems, the Oakley Flak Jacket.  AXON Flex systems also offer the following additional mounting options at launch, with a robust pipeline of additional mounting offerings to come: Collar Mount, Epaulette Mount, Ball Cap Mount and Helmet Mount.

TASER will provide free access to the secure, cloud-based evidence storage solution service for a full year to every agency purchasing the new AXON Flex cameras. service provides a level of data security and management that agencies simply cannot provide for themselves without a dedicated IT staff and significant infrastructure investments that may be beyond the reach of all but the largest agencies.

AXON Flex units are expected to begin commercial shipments in the first quarter and will be competitively priced at $700 for the base camera with a wide variety of accessories available.

Features of the AXON Flex system:
- The extended controller module offers 12-hour battery life for a full-shift video buffer that can record the 30 seconds preceding an officer’s activating the unit so incidents are fully captured.

- The hardware has been designed to protect the camera from impact and withstand the elements with IPX2 weather resistance -AXON Flex cameras uses an industry-leading imager and sensor, which have been engineered to mimic the human eye’s capabilities, capturing a high level of detail in low light conditions.

- The head-worn Flex DVR camera and rapid grip magnetic clip weigh only 15 grams, resulting in significantly greater comfort than any other law-enforcement video system.

- Using the AXON Flex™ Mobile app (available for Android and iOS enabled platforms), officers can use smartphones to view a live feed of Flex footage, review videos stored on the camera and add information such as notes, timestamps or GPS location to those videos.

- Looxcie and TASER joint-developed the video-to-smartphone technology in order to bring an advanced, hands-free durable camera targeted for the law enforcement market


Fort Worth (TX) Police Chief Jeff Halstead:  “On-officer video systems like the AXON Flex give us an opportunity to showcase and support the jobs our officers are doing in the field.  Having a complete video record of these incidents will provide a higher level or protection for both our officers and the public.”

Greenwood Police (AR) Department Sergeant Brandon Davis:  “I loved the multiple mounting options of AXON Flex.  The integration with Oakley makes it cool & comfortable.  This is a system officers will want to wear.”

Oakley Director Military/Government, Erick Poston:  “You've got two authentic high performance American companies working to solve problems for our professionals in the law enforcement and military space.  We've created a product that we're both proud to announce.”

TASER CEO Rick Smith: “At its core, TASER is about technology, and working with 16,500 law enforcement agencies makes us uniquely positioned to understand and deliver the innovations that make the biggest impact on these agencies and for their communities.  We’ve got world-class engineers who have specifically studied every aspect of a police officer’s daily work, which has enabled us to address the needs of the thousands of officers we’ve surveyed, hundreds of whom have been physically involved in testing AXON Flex cameras.

“The AXON Flex solution allows officers the flexibility to choose which mounting configuration that best suits their needs and unique circumstances, while service continues to serve as the most powerful back-end solution available.  Our technology can resolve issues of false complaints, improve officer training and provide these communities enhanced transparency. At one-third the cost of in-car video systems and through its ability to help reduce litigation costs, this system ultimately saves taxpayer dollars while also providing protection to officers and suspects alike from false and damaging allegations.”

TASER Board Member Hadi Partovi (early advisor to Facebook, Dropbox): “As an investor and advisor to technology companies, I look for solutions that cause disruptive change, just as Facebook disrupted social communication, or Dropbox is disrupting storage.  Law enforcement is fundamentally dependent on evidence and accountability; I believe the AXON Flex systems will transform how that proof is captured and stored, enabling a fresh approach to policing that will not only reduce costs, but that can change the entire culture of law enforcement and society as a whole.”

Looxcie CEO & Founder, Romulus Pereira:  “We are extremely pleased to have teamed up with TASER, the market leader in high-end law enforcement solutions, to develop state of the art video solutions for the law enforcement community.”

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