Management Team

Management Team

Rick Smith

CEO & Founder

Rick Smith is the CEO of Axon Enterprise. He founded the company in a Tucson garage in 1993 after two of his friends were shot and killed. Originally known as TASER International, Axon’s mission is to protect life — which includes making bullets obsolete. Rick’s family bet everything they had to get the company off the ground, nearly driving his parents to financial insolvency, and were saved only through TASER’s initial public offering in 2001. Rick has dedicated his life to helping public safety serve the communities they are sworn to protect. Under his leadership, Axon pioneered TASER energy weapons, made the body camera industry what it is today, and built the world’s leading digital evidence management platform, In 2019, Rick published, “The End of Killing,” which challenges conventional wisdom by arguing that killing is a technology problem and offering a roadmap to solve it. He is a dynamic, inspirational and visionary leader who challenges Axon and society to rethink deeply entrenched problems and to drive toward life-saving outcomes. Rick holds a B.S. Cum Laude in Neuroscience from Harvard University, a Master's in International Finance from the University of Leuven in Belgium, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Josh Isner


As President, Josh is responsible for Axon’s execution and driving its growth — including top line execution and global expansion into new markets and new product categories — and managing other day-to-day functions. Josh joined Axon in 2009 as a member of Axon’s leadership development program and quickly established a strong track record of delivering results. In 2014, Josh led Axon’s domestic body camera and cloud software sales team to a record year and was subsequently promoted to Executive Vice President of Global Sales. In 2018, he stepped into the role of Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for Axon’s global growth, customer service, professional services, and sales operations, successfully driving annual growth rates in excess of 25%. In 2022, Josh was tapped to be Axon’s Chief Operating Officer. He is a keen operational leader who drives discipline and prioritization across the business, and ensures that Axon is aggressively pursuing our total addressable market opportunity, supported by a world class team. Josh is a board member of the Phoenix Police Foundation and holds a B.S. in Government + Political Science from Harvard University.

Brittany Bagley

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Bagley is a seasoned business and finance leader with experience both as an operator and as a board member. She currently serves as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Axon. As COO and CFO, Ms. Bagley is responsible for further integrating Axon’s financial functions with its operations, including manufacturing and supply chain, and driving operational improvements to contribute to the strength of Axon’s income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows, including through more streamlined management of cost of goods sold, inventory and working capital. Brittany is also a member of the board of directors at Aurora (Nasdaq: AUR). Prior to joining Axon, she served for 3.5 years as Chief Financial Officer at Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO), overseeing traditional finance functions, including investor relations and M&A, as well as real estate and information technology. From 2017 to 2019, Brittany served on the Sonos board of directors, where she chaired the compensation committee. Over the course of 12 years on KKR’s Americas Private Equity team, she held various investing roles including as a Managing Director of the technology team. At KKR, she also served on numerous boards. Brittany holds a B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Brown University.

Jeff Kunins

Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer

As CPO and CTO, Jeff leads Axon's global Product, Software and Hardware Engineering, AI, Design, and Security teams -- building Axon's complete product suite including Body and In-car Cameras, non-lethal de-escalation tools such as TASER energy weapons, and SAAS platforms for Digital Evidence Management, Productivity, and Real-time Operations. Since joining Axon in 2019, he has driven transformational expansion and up-leveling of Axon's global R&D organization and its ability to invent and deliver at scale. For nearly 30 years, Jeff has led innovation and delivered services used by millions of customers powering billions of dollars in revenue, while serving in diverse executive roles across the technology sector. Prior to Axon, Jeff was Vice President of Amazon’s Alexa Entertainment and led Alexa’s global experience, developer platform, and strategic partnerships for Alexa-enabled devices. Jeff also served as VP of Amazon Kindle’s global reading experience, GM of Product and Design at Skype, GM of Windows Live Messenger at Microsoft, and spent eight years at cloud-based voice services pioneer Tellme Networks, where he served as VP of Product through their acquisition by Microsoft in 2007. Jeff received his B.S. in Information & Decision Systems from Carnegie Mellon University, and was recognized with the distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in 2014. Jeff holds a board of directors observer seat with both Flock Safety and RapidSOS, and also serves on the board of the Seattle Police Foundation.

Isaiah Fields

Chief Legal Officer

Isaiah is responsible for overseeing Axon's legal operations, government affairs, risk management and compliance. Fields joined Axon in 2011 as litigation counsel and subsequently held positions including VP of Legal and Government Affairs and SVP & General Counsel before being promoted to EVP & General Counsel in January 2021, where he was responsible for overseeing Axon’s legal, medical and compliance departments. In his tenure at Axon, Fields has negotiated record-breaking contracts for the company, and led strategies to significantly curtail product litigation and protect Axon's innovative intellectual property rights. Additionally, he was named 2021 General Counsel of the Year for medium-sized public companies by Arizona’s Corporate Council Awards. Previously, Fields served as an Assistant Attorney General at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, representing the state in complex civil litigation. Isaiah holds a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University.

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