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TASER Begins Shipping AXON Flex On-Officer Cameras

TASER Begins Shipping AXON Flex On-Officer CamerasSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR) today is proud to announce it has begun shipping its new AXON™ Flex™ On-Officer Cameras -- a video recording system that seamlessly captures video evidence from the officer's perspective.

 “All law enforcement agencies and, therefore, all law enforcement personnel have an ethical, legal and moral obligation to identify, collect and preserve the very best evidence of each and every encounter between a police officer and the public,” said Thomas Streicher, retired Chief of the Cincinnati Police Department.  “There is nothing more compelling, in terms of knowing the truth, than video immediately recorded during a rapidly, evolving event and as seen from the officer’s perspective. 

“The AXON Flex On-Officer Camera provides all law enforcement agencies with the capability to immediately develop and implement a system of enhanced accountability which previously had not been available in American policing or to any other police agency in the world.  Cincinnati PD tested the original AXON system during my tenure as chief, and we provided significant feedback which I am glad to see incorporated in the new second generation AXON Flex system.  In my opinion, this technology is now ready for widespread deployment within law enforcement, bringing a significantly advanced, powerful, and new capability to the public safety community,” concluded Streicher.

“We believe the AXON Flex systems can transform how evidence is collected and preserved, enabling a fresh approach to policing that will not only reduce costs, but can enable a new level of trust and transparency between the public safety community and society as a whole,” said Rick Smith, CEO and founder of TASER International.

 “The AXON Flex solution allows officers the flexibility to choose which mounting configuration that best suits their needs and unique circumstances, while™ service continues to serve as the most powerful back-end solution available,” said Smith.  “Our technology can resolve issues of false complaints, improve officer training and provide communities enhanced transparency.  At less than one-third the cost of in-car video systems and through its ability to help reduce litigation costs, this system ultimately saves taxpayer dollars while also providing protection to officers,” concluded Smith.

TASER, the market leader in on-officer cameras with more than 55,000 video systems in the field, created the new AXON Flex point of view camera, a technological breakthrough in the world of on-officer video devices.  With multiple mounting options, including a seamless integration with Oakley, Inc.’s Flak Jacket® eyewear, AXON Flex systems are TASER's newest offering in the field of evidence-capturing technology, giving officers flexibility, simplicity and wearability.

To complement the camera solution, TASER provides service, an industry-leading evidence management system.  The AXON Flex system offers maximum flexibility and can be configured to plug-and-play with service, or for local download at agencies that elect to build and maintain local digital evidence management systems.

Numerous agencies have placed pre-orders which began shipping in May 2012.

The AXON Flex on-office cameras will be competitively priced at $699 for the base camera with a wide variety of accessories available.

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