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Sanford Police Department Increases Transparency, Protecting Officers and Community With

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (Marketwired) -- 12/12/13 --, a business unit of TASER (NASDAQ: TASR) today announced multiple agencies deploying AXON on-officer cameras, most notably the Sanford Police Department (FL). The department purchased 62 AXON flex cameras with three years of service, underscoring the increasing importance of transparency in protecting officers and the community. These orders are expected to ship in the fourth quarter 2013.

"The AXON flex cameras have already proved beneficial in solving cases and exonerating the actions of officers," said Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith.

Recent high-profile events affecting law enforcement agencies such as Sanford's bring to light the need for streamlined, transparent, and trustworthy evidence collection systems. A Cambridge University research study conducted in the Rialto Police Department (CA) demonstrated that the implementation of AXON on-officer cameras led to an 88% reduction in complaints against police officers and a 60% decline in use-of-force incidences.

Sanford PD will seamlessly manage the digital evidence created by their AXON cameras with This cloud-based platform enables Sanford PD to more quickly and securely share video evidence than on in-house servers, resulting in more efficient information management and dissemination. Sanford PD has quickly benefited from the implementation of in both internal processes and external media interactions.

"As a Press Information Officer (PIO), has been a great resource. Because I can quickly pull and clip video, I can get it to the media very quickly. Our agency is already getting great coverage from the media on our good work as well as our unsolved cases, because I am able to supply them with video in such a timely manner," said Shannon Cordingly, PIO at Sanford PD.

Additional agencies deploying AXON body™ and AXON flex™ cameras and/or

  • Arizona Western College Police Department (AZ): AXON body
  • Avilla Police Department (IN) with AXON body
  • Bellmead Police Department (TX): AXON body
  • Brigham City Police Department (UT): AXON body
  • Brookings Police Department (OR) with AXON body
  • Carson City Sheriff's Office (NV): AXON body
  • Colfax Police Department (IA): AXON body
  • Crosby County Sheriff's Office (TX): AXON body
  • Delhi Police Department (LA) with AXON body
  • Essex County Sheriff's Office (MA) with AXON body
  • Eunice Police Department (LA): AXON body
  • Humphrey's County Sheriff's Office (TN): AXON body
  • Jacksboro Police Department (TX) with AXON body
  • Jordan Police Department (MN) with AXON body
  • Lancaster Police Department (OH) with AXON body
  • London Police Department (OH): AXON body
  • Lonoke Police Department (AR): AXON body, add-on order
  • Los Altos Police Department (CA) with AXON body
  • Reynolds County Sheriff's Office (MO) with AXON body
  • Richmond Hill Police Department (GA): AXON body
  • Rockdale Police Department (IL) with AXON body
  • University of Texas Health Science Center PoliceSan Antonio (TX): AXON body
  • Upper Skagit Police Department (WA): AXON body
  • Waxahachie Police Department (TX) with AXON body
  • Winn Parish Sheriff's Office (LA): AXON body
  • Fayetteville Police Department (NC) with AXON flex & AXON body
  • Fort Collins Police Department (CO) with AXON flex, add-on order
  • BART Police Department (CA) with AXON flex, add-on order
  • Cape May County Sheriff's Office (NJ) with AXON flex, add-on order
  • Cherryville Police Department (NC): AXON flex
  • Grundy Center Police Department (IA) with AXON flex
  • Henderson County Sheriff's Department (TN): AXON flex
  • Janesville Police Department (WI) with AXON flex
  • Killeen Police Department (TX) with AXON flex
  • Marion Police Department (AR): AXON flex
  • Miami Police Department (OK) with AXON flex
  • Ocean Springs Police Department (MS) with AXON flex
  • Perry City Police Department (UT): AXON flex
  • Seattle Police Department (WA) with AXON flex
  • Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office (KS) with AXON flex
  • Town of Niagara Police Department (NY) with AXON flex
  • Union County Sheriff's Office (SD): AXON flex
  • Wayne County Sheriff's Department (OH) with AXON flex
  • West Fork Police Department (AR) with AXON body & AXON flex
  • Windemere Police Department (FL) with AXON flex

The AXON Flex Camera

The AXON flex camera system allows officers to record encounters easily and securely by mounting the compact cameras on the officer's Oakley® eyewear, collar or shoulder. Providing point-of-view video for the entirety of the officers' shifts, the cameras record for eight hours and feature a battery life of more than 12 hours. A number of features provide enhanced trustworthiness of the recorded material:

  • When turned on, a pre-event record feature ensures the previous 30 seconds are captured, providing context to the recorded encounter.
  • Videos are recorded at > .1 LUX, allowing nighttime video capture quality comparable to the human eye, thus providing recordings which most closely mirror the officer's field of vision.
  • Additionally, all videos receive watermarks confirming their authenticity, time of recording, and assigned officer.
  • Videos can be reviewed from the AXON mobile iOS™ and Android™ smartphone app, ensuring access to important evidence in highly mobile law enforcement environments. Digital Evidence Management - A 21st Century Property Room ensures chain-of-custody integrity for the 21st century property room. At the end of an officer's shift, AXON cameras are recharged in a docking station, where the video is also securely and automatically uploaded to the agency's cloud server. Each video is assigned a category by the officer, providing automatic retention periods on all digital evidence. To review or share, administrators can securely email videos and restrict privileges (such as downloading content or forwarding viewing rights to the evidence) to authorized parties. Furthermore, all evidence contact is tracked on a detailed audit trail to prove and maintain chain-of-custody.


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