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TASER Unveils New AXON Signal(TM) Wireless Activation Technology

SEATTLE, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/22/14 -- TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR), a global leader in smart weapons and technology for law enforcement, today announced AXON Signal™ wireless technology. The new patent pending, AXON Signal™ technology allows law enforcement's AXON cameras to cooperate with status signals from the light bar on a law enforcement vehicle or from their TASER Smart Weapons and offers multiple perspectives by automatically activating all enabled cameras within reach of an incident. Specifically, AXON Flex cameras with AXON Signal technology will be available in Q1 2015.

The AXON Signal camera technology will enable cameras to automatically start recording when an officer's light bar is turned on or when a TASER Smart weapon is powered on. All enabled AXON Signal cameras within range will receive status from the light bar or smart weapon and start recording. This feature will offer multiple angles to be captured from different perspectives if more than one AXON Flex camera is on scene.

"We are committed to listening to our customers to understand what features will help them do their jobs better and we are proud to announce the AXON Signal technology as a result of that feedback," said Rick Smith, founder and CEO, TASER International. "The AXON Signal technology opens up a communications platform for connecting with multiple devices, including our TASER Smart Weapons."

"We strive to create the best customer experience possible, which is why we designed the AXON Signal technology to be easily integrated with any light bar system," said Glenn Hickman, VP of Engineering for TASER International. "We also embedded the AXON Signal technology inside enhanced battery packs for TASER Smart Weapons and AXON Flex cameras so agencies wouldn't need to replace their current equipment in order to obtain this new feature."

AXON Signal Features Include:

Automatic Activation by Light Bar or TASER Smart Weapon Engagement: Recording begins upon light-bar engagement or when a TASER Smart Weapon is powered on. AXON Flex cameras will respond to changes in the status of the light bar display and activate recording in appropriate circumstances.

Multiple Perspectives: Activates all enabled AXON Flex cameras within range to give a comprehensive account of any one incident. AXON Flex cameras will automatically respond only to agency squad cars and Smart Weapons specifically equipped with AXON Signal technology. AXON Signal technology is based on Bluetooth® local area communication from a module installed in the vehicle or Smart Weapon battery.

Flexible Control: Officers can end the recording manually from the AXON Flex camera.

AXON Flex cameras are small, yet highly visible, and can be attached securely to sunglasses, a cap, helmet, shirt collar, or a head mount. They are powered by a pocket-sized battery pack, which ensures recording capability during an entire shift. When recording, the cameras capture a wide-angle, full-color view of what an officer is facing. The video automatically uploads via a docking station to, a cloud-based storage and management system, where it can be easily accessed for review. The video files stored online or on the AXON video camera are secure and cannot be tampered with. helps law enforcement capture, manage, and share their digital evidence without the complexity or cost of installing in-house servers. It enables greater transparency through seamless integration with the industry-leading AXON body-worn video cameras. is the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for managing all types of digital evidence. automates the upload process to ensure security and integrity while keeping officers in the field rather than sitting at computers.

A year-long Cambridge University study conducted at the Rialto, CA Police Department investigated whether officers' use of AXON flex cameras could bring measurable benefits to relations between police and civilians. The results showed an 88% reduction in citizen complaints and a 60% reduction in uses of force after implementation of TASER's AXON flex cameras.

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