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Axon Announces Record Number of Attendees at the Leading Technology Conference for Public Safety
Axon unveiled Redaction Assistant, Axon Performance, Axon Body 3 ship dates and more at fourth annual Axon Accelerate conference

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected public safety technologies, today announced that more than 1,800 public safety professionals attended the Axon Accelerate conference to hear from more than 70 speakers and experience all the products offered through the Axon network. Throughout the conference, Axon unveiled several new products and features - many of which are available on the Officer Safety Plan (OSP) 7+. The plan allows users to leverage the power of the Axon network by bundling next-generation devices like the TASER 7 and Axon Body 3 with the innovative records management system, Axon Records. For full details of the announcements made during Axon Accelerate 2019, see below.

TASER's Axon brand includes a growing suite of connected products and services from body cameras and digital evidence management tools to mobiles apps.

Redaction Assistant

Axon announced the launch of Redaction Assistant, the first advanced artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool to be offered to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors through the Axon network. Redaction Assistant is a productivity tool built to increase efficiency for agencies who currently spend up to eight hours manually redacting each hour of body camera video footage. Currently, when redacting video footage, users are manually drawing boxes around objects frame-by-frame. With Redaction Assistant, the AI detects a license plate, face or screen and automatically draws a box around it so the user can then confirm whether it is an object that needs to be redacted. The technology is similar to what is found in almost all cell phone cameras where objects of interest, such as faces, are detected to improve the lighting conditions of the captured image. Redaction Assistant is available now to agencies in the US, UK and Canada as a software add-on and is included automatically for US agencies on Axon's Officer Safety Plan (OSP) 7+ . To learn more about Redaction Assistant, visit: https://www. assistant .

Axon Performance

Axon also announced the launch of Axon Performance, a data analytics platform that helps to streamline the policy review process for law enforcement agencies. Axon Performance allows supervisors to more efficiently review video footage, perform agency-wide officer performance evaluations, identify training needs and save officers time so they can spend more time in their communities. Today, supervising officers undergo the arduous task of manually sorting through and reviewing the camera footage captured by officer's body cameras. Axon Performance helps reduce this time-consuming task by tracking and reporting metrics such as whether an officer's body-worn camera has been activated or if the videos have been correctly categorized. It is available to purchase today as a software add-on for existing customers and is included for agencies purchasing the Officer Safety Plan (OSP) 7+. To learn more about Axon Performance, visit:

Axon Air

Updates to the Axon Air program were also showcased at Axon Accelerate. Axon Air, the unmanned aircraft program for public safety, can now ingest data captured on drone devices directly into the digital evidence management system, Axon Evidence ( ). The software offloads the captured footage and associated metadata from the drone into Axon Evidence via the Axon Air app. The video is treated with the same rigorous data management system and security protocols that law enforcement agencies rely on to preserve and protect data from body cameras and in-car video systems. Axon Air is available as an add-on license to customers on the Pro or Basic user licenses. To learn more about Axon Air visit: .

Axon Body 3

Axon announced that the first shipments of the next generation body-worn camera, Axon Body 3, will ship to customers in the third quarter of 2019. Featuring an LTE connection and new Axon Aware real-time technology, the camera introduces real-time features like live maps and streaming. Coupled with enhanced low-light performance, clearer audio and reduced motion blur, Axon Body 3 will help agencies capture clearer evidence and improve officer safety with real-time situational awareness. Deployment follows heavy testing - alpha and beta testing will continue over the next two months and inform expanding capabilities over time. To learn more about Axon Body 3 visit: .

Axon Aid

A new charitable initiative was also unveiled at Axon Accelerate named Axon Aid, a program which utilizes drone technology to assist in response and recovery efforts during natural disasters. When a disaster strikes, Axon can deploy its team of trained pilots geared with drones and fully outfitted Axon Fleet 2 vehicles to the agency command center. The teams, which are completely self-sufficient, will act as an asset to the agency during their response and recovery efforts. This effort will be executed at no cost to the partner agency. Axon Aid will deploy on June 1, 2019. To learn more or become involved, reach out to .

About Axon

Axon is a network of devices, apps and people that helps public safety personnel become smarter and safer. With a mission of protecting life, our technologies give customers the confidence, focus and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our products impact every aspect of a public safety officer's day-to-day experience.

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm's way for all of us. To date, there are more than 347,200 software seats booked on the Axon network around the world and more than 215,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon network of devices, apps and people. Learn more at or by calling (800) 978-2737 .

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