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Latisana Municipal Police First to Deploy Axon Fleet 2 In-Car Cameras and Axon Interview Room in Italy

05 Mar 2021

Officers will be equipped with Axon Fleet in-vehicle and Axon Body 3 cameras to increase officer and civilian safety

ROME, March 5, 2021 - Axon (Nasdaq: AXON), a global leader in connected technologies for law enforcement, today announced that the local police in Latisana, Riviera Friulana, will be the first city in Italy to implement Axon's in-car video system, Axon Fleet 2 and Axon Interview, a technology solution to securely capture video of witness and suspect interviews. Latisana local police have also purchased the Axon Body 3 cameras including licenses to its digital evidence management solution, Axon Evidence.

Camera systems found in law enforcement vehicles are often unwieldy and inefficient, and more importantly, not connected to hardware and software systems used by public safety agencies. Axon’s Fleet 2 in-car system provides a streamlined, connected approach for law enforcement officers to securely share critical video footage into Axon Evidence, and eliminates the need for DVRs and other outdated, bulky hardware found in standard in-car video systems.

"We are very excited that the Latisana local police force is the first in Italy to use our in-car Fleet video system and Interview Room solution," says Loris Angeloni, Managing Director of Axon in Italy. "This will be the first step towards an increasingly broad use of our devices in Italy and will help ensure public safety and officer protection. Axon has always offered a network of devices, applications and people that help law enforcement agencies be safer and give them the confidence, attention and time they need to keep their communities safe."

As a part of this deal, Latisana police will also be utilizing Axon Interview, a dedicated camera solution which allows officers to conduct interrogations more efficiently and ensure the integrity and security of all video. The full interview room video solution provides critical, defensible evidence for the prosecution allowing police agencies to tag and store video evidence securely in Axon Evidence.

Corps Commander Nicola SALVATO: "Since I have got to know and to study Axon’s philosophy, I trusted in and embraced these cutting-edge concepts. The opportunity to acquire high quality images, operational content, witnesses’ information that cannot be modified, but, especially, the opportunity to identify the proxemics of the "interviewed" person provides information that, increasingly today, for processes, make the difference. The benefit is that of providing Justice with a circumstantial/evidential compendium of greater depth. I believe that, thanks also to our suggestions, it will be possible to easily organize the law enforcement's activity in an ever more professional and safe way, in this third millennium taking account of these important improvements."

The Councillor for Security Piercarlo Daneluzzi: "Our police forces today have to operate in increasingly complex and constantly evolving contexts. It follows that the role of the local police, in this context, is becoming increasingly important within our communities, from the largest to the smallest towns. In order to face present and future challenges in the best possible way, it is necessary to focus on an ever-increasing professionalism of the operators, which, first of all, is developed, on one hand, through training and constant updates of the personnel, on the other hand, through the use of technologically advanced tools such as these, which allow them to operate effectively and in step with the times.

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