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Ravenna Municipal Police First Agency in Italy to Deploy Axon Body 3 with Axon Respond for Devices

14 Jan 2021

First agency in Europe to deploy Axon Respond for Devices

Rome, January 14, 2020 - Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, today announced that the local police department in Ravenna, Ravenna Municipal Police, will be the first city in Italy to deploy Axon Body 3 cameras and the first city in Europe to deploy Axon’s real-time situational awareness software known as Axon Respond for Devices. Along with Axon Body 3 and Respond for Devices, Ravenna Municipal Police have also purchased licenses to its digital evidence management solution, Axon Evidence (

With Axon Evidence, Ravenna Municipal Police can manage and share digital evidence more efficiently, tag files as needed, redact footage and share cases with public safety stakeholders, resulting in cost and time savings for the police service. To learn more visit:

Some of the challenges facing law enforcement today include minimal real-time visibility into what is happening in the field, difficulty sharing the right information with other teams and an inability to effectively mobilize units and manage incidents. Leveraging the built-in capabilities of the Axon Body 3 camera, Axon Respond for Devices addresses these challenges by allowing law enforcement supervisors to utilize location-mapping and live streaming to gain real-time visibility into evolving situations and make calls on additional resources and back-up as needed.

“The systematic use of Body Cams - an absolute innovation in the Italian administration of justice and public security - has found the important support of the Public Prosecutor and the Prefect and received wide approval among citizens,” says Andrea Giacomini, Commander of the Local Police Department of the Municipality of Ravenna. “Their experimentation, recently concluded, has highlighted very significant advantages with respect to the ability to prevent illegal behavior and to produce reliable reports for the benefit of the authorities responsible for judging facts.”

"The 15 operators in my department provided excellent feed back on the use of Axon body cameras, thus putting us in a position to better approach the use of the brand new AB3s in the field, equipped with a futuristic technology to say the least for our normal contexts operational," says Commissioner Stefano Bravi Head of the Criminal Investigation Department and Emergency Response.

“Ravenna Municipal Police is leading the way with an implementation of connected body cameras and innovative technology for Italian (Municipal) police services, and we’re excited to partner with them,” says Axon’s Italian Managing Director, Loris Angeloni. “This is a great opportunity for the agency to truly harness the power of the Axon network by utilizing cameras for transparency and cloud-based software for tools that will help increase efficiencies and decrease costs, which benefits the entire community.”

Axon Respond for Devices is offered to customers through three tiers of user licenses - each offering a different level of workflow sophistication. Customers can purchase an Axon Respond device license, which enables them to connect a particular device, such as a body-worn camera, to the platform.

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View the Italy release: La Polizia Municipale di Ravenna è la prima in Italia a impiegare Axon Body 3 insieme ad Axon Respond for Devices

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