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São Paulo State Military Police to Deploy 7,000 Additional Axon Body 3 Cameras After Significant Increase in Lives Saved

After 85% drop in police lethality rates with body-worn cameras, Brazil's largest law enforcement agency purchased an additional 7,000 Axon Body 3 cameras featuring Axon Respond

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Axon (Nasdaq: AXON), the global leader in connected public safety technologies, today announced that São Paulo State Military Police (PMESP) will outfit an additional 7,000 officers with Axon Body 3 body-worn cameras backed by the digital evidence management solution Axon Evidence. PMESP will also become the largest agency in Latin America to deploy Axon's real-time situational awareness software, Axon Respond. In June 2021, PMESP became the first police agency in Brazil to equip 2,500 officers with Axon Body 3 cameras.

According to a recent study conducted by PMESP, the agency saw a 85% decrease in police intervention deaths following their recent adoption of Axon body-worn cameras, TASER energy weapons and training measures. In the 18 battalions where Axon body cameras were deployed, deaths resulting from police intervention dropped from 73 in the previous 12 months to 10 in the first 7 months of the program.

Law enforcement often struggles with real-time visibility on situations unfolding in the field, sharing the right information with other teams and effectively mobilizing units and managing incidents. By leveraging the built-in capabilities of the Axon Body 3 camera, Axon Respond addresses these challenges by allowing law enforcement supervisors to use location-mapping and live streaming to gain real-time visibility into evolving situations and make calls on additional resources and back-up as needed.

"We are proud to continue the expansion of our technology modernization program led by the Directorate of Information Technology and Communications," says Colonel Francisco Cangerana, Director of Technology of the São Paulo State Military Police. "By outfitting more officers with body-worn cameras and implementing real-time situational awareness technology with Axon Respond, our officers will have a clear picture into what is happening in the field, and São Paulo will continue to position itself at the forefront of public safety technology."

"In addition to the real-time situational awareness capabilities of the Axon Body 3 cameras, we will also be expanding the implementation of Video Recall for the new units deployed in the field, a feature pioneered by our agency. Video Recall will allow leaders to review evidence after any incident, even if the camera was not activated. Lastly, we will now include Axon Performance to streamline video footage review by supervisors and ensure that teams are operating within our agency guidelines and policies," says Colonel Robson Cabanas, Manager of the body camera project at the São Paulo State Military Police. "These features will enable even more transparency and accountability as we serve our community."

"We are thrilled to partner with the São Paulo State Military Police to implement the largest deployment of real-time situational software in Latin America," says Axon's Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean, Alex Polit. "This latest procurement demonstrates PMESP's ongoing dedication to leveraging the latest technology to increase officer and community safety."

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