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Axon and Fūsus Partner to Provide Enhanced Real-Time Community Policing Solutions

Partnership allows public safety agencies opportunity to solve crimes faster by bringing together live video, and sensor data from Axon and Fūsus into a single view via both Axon Respond and Fūsus Real-Time Crime Center

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Axon (Nasdaq: AXON), the global leader in connected public safety technologies, and Fūsus, the market leader in real-time crime center for public safety agencies in the U.S., today announced a strategic partnership to expand the capabilities of Axon Respond and the Fūsus Real Time Crime Center in the Cloud (RTC3) solution to provide agencies better real-time operations situational awareness including streamlined investigative workflows. The partnership will make it easier and more cost-effective for communities to aggregate live feeds from public and private cameras, including closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, in addition to live video feeds from Axon Body 3, Axon Fleet 3 and Axon Air connected drones, creating a unified operational picture for first responders.

A key challenge facing law enforcement today includes limited real-time visibility into what is happening in the field, difficulty sharing the right information with relevant parties, and the challenge of effectively mobilizing resources and managing incidents. Axon Respond addresses these challenges by allowing law enforcement supervisors to utilize location-mapping, including the location of on-scene officers, escalation alerts and live streaming to gain real-time visibility into evolving situations and make calls for back-up as needed.

Now, with this partnership, additional video footage and sensor data collected by Fūsus' connected systems will seamlessly integrate with the Axon Respond viewer. In addition, video and officer location captured by Axon Body 3 and Fleet 3 cameras will be available in Fūsus' RTC3 Real-Time Crime Center via their cloud interfaces.

The Fūsus solution makes it simple for communities to break down existing security information silos by allowing owners of private security systems to opt-in to providing law enforcement and public safety agencies with access to live-streaming video and evidence from public spaces, enhancing the safety of shopping malls, retailers, educational institutions, office buildings and more.

"Fūsus presents agencies with a unique opportunity to unify all of their public safety infrastructure like cameras, automatic license plate readers, automatic vehicle location and other data sources on a single, technology agnostic platform," says Axon's General Manager and Senior Vice President of Real-Time Operations, Ran Mokady. "Our partnership with Fūsus aligns with our vision for the future of public safety, where agencies and communities can work together seamlessly to create safer environments for all."

Fūsus aggregates live video, data and sensor feeds from virtually any source, thereby enhancing situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public safety agencies. This partnership will directly complement Axon's real-time operations offerings, particularly Axon Respond, which allows agencies to obtain seamless connection to agency-critical data sources and situational awareness during unfolding incidents. In connection with the partnership announcement, Axon will be launching new bidirectional APIs for Axon Respond that allow for flow of camera and other sensor data. Fūsus will be an inaugural partner using these APIs in support of the customers and communities we jointly serve.

"Axon is the perfect strategic partner for Fūsus, as we're both committed to ensuring everyone gets home safe," says Chris Lindenau, CEO of Fūsus. "Axon has done an incredible job of creating products that protect life and help officers to work smarter. We are excited to be joining forces with Axon to build a wider ecosystem that will tie together critical real-time investigative and life-saving assets across communities, to provide significantly enhanced situational awareness and ultimately, improve public safety."

In connection with the partnership, Axon closed a $21 million non-controlling minority investment in Fūsus. Fūsus has also committed to collaborating with Axon's independent AI Ethics Board.

Fūsus will be exhibiting and presenting at Axon's upcoming Accelerate Conference from May 23-25 in Phoenix, Ariz. For more information on this partnership, visit:

About Fūsus

Fūsus is the most widely used and trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in U.S. Law Enforcement. The Fūsus Platform is an open ecosystem that integrates and enhances all public safety and investigations assets. It can integrate with any data source, pull in public and private video feeds, enable video sources with artificial intelligence, integrate ALPR, bodycam, drone and aircraft feeds, and do it all by utilizing and unifying existing equipment. The Fūsus platform is affordable and scalable for agencies of every size and budget. It enables law enforcement and public safety personnel to function more efficiently and with improved operational intelligence, creating a common operating picture that emphasizes officer, citizen and community safety.

About Axon
Axon is a network of devices, apps and people that helps public safety personnel become smarter and safer. With a mission of protecting life, our technologies give customers the confidence, focus and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our products impact every aspect of a public safety officer's day-to-day experience with the goal of helping everyone get home safe.

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